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Best Facial Moisturisers for Hydration 2022

Do you have a moisturiser that you swear by? It’s hard to know which moisturiser is right for you, especially if you are living in a climate that is quite dry and requires whatever you use on your skin to be heavy duty. This can be a double task if you suffer from dry skin.…

Be Mine: We Launched Our Valentines Collection

Who are you warming up with this February? We figure the answer should start with “you”. In the most non-patronizing manner, we challenge this Valentine’s season to be one that equally champions self-love and self-acceptance, irrespective of relationship status. This is why we created the “Be Mine’ Valentine’s Day Collection, especially curated with products that…

Turmeric The Wonder Spice: Benefits For Skin & Body Health

Step into my household kitchen and immediately you will start to notice how many different ingredients my Bengali mother can whip into either a curry or into a skincare remedy. The staples of Bengali cuisine and cooking are certainly not limited to spices, many of which are essential for adding savoury elements as well as…

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