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Be Mine: We Launched Our Valentines Collection

Be Mine: We Launched Our Valentines Collection

Who are you warming up with this February? We figure the answer should start with “you”. In the most non-patronizing manner, we challenge this Valentine’s season to be one that equally champions self-love and self-acceptance, irrespective of relationship status. This is why we created the “Be Mine’ Valentine’s Day Collection, especially curated with products that make you feel and look your best and encourage you to place yourself at the forefront of your own affection. The “Be Mine” Collection can be gifted to a friend, a lover, a family member or a colleague, however it arrives: our intention is for whoever receives this box, explores the idea that romance isn’t always between two parties, but can be explored equally with yourself. In other words, don’t wait for someone else to bring light and love into your life. You can find it in your everyday life.

Our theme for this year’s collection is exploring vulnerability and getting to know yourself, and who better to do this with than, well, you! Candidness and authenticity with oneself is extremely important to us at Kem Beauty; after all, the one person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with is you. We don’t aim to be reductive, and we understand that much of this requires a level of inside work, however we do recognise that how you look after your body and your environment can do so much for self-perception and love. Through this collection, we want to help you reclaim you by intentionally spending quality time with yourself through the getting ready and winding down process. We believe that your beauty routines contribute to self care however superficial it may appear: you reclaim self and nurture self through physically taking care of you. 

The theme we explored for our  Campaign shoot is indicative of the idea of romanticizing the time you spend with yourself; how you treat yourself when no one is around and what you do to make yourself look and feel your best – however big or small. 

The deep, sensual colours, paired with the film camera aesthetic aided this, to mimic a backlit moment in a bedroom or personal space. The film camera is a candid tool that encourages hope and trust with the recipient. Why? Because we can’t check the photo after capturing a shot, we have to wait until the photo is developed professionally before we can see the outcome. This meant that we had to just hope for the best. This forces the recipient to find the beauty in every printed shot because that’s all there is. Film camera photos cannot be edited nor can they be “retaken”. A bit like us as individuals: we should be forced to find the beauty in what we have in ourselves.

  We wanted to go further than have our two models merely portray this in their shots, but to feel this also. It was important for us to create a relaxed environment for them so that the theme could be wholly immersive- what they feel in real life would be easier for them to portray on camera, and they did! The shots we captured were impeccable (if we may say so ourselves), they really embodied closeness and vulnerability, especially with the close up “getting ready” shots, and the closeness with someone else through their paired couch shots. Fundamentally, we wanted our models to look and feel comfortable in different positions to illuminate the idea of intimacy with self and others. 

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Creating this collection was a journey of discovering what it means to allow yourself to relax in your own presence; what it means to be fully seen by yourself. The products we chose to include paint a picture of that. It includes: a Limited Edition Pink mini Melt-It Balm (great for double cleansing and dry skin), 2x gorgeous lashes in the styles “Flirt” and “Risqué” for an elevated eye look and the ultimate lift, a brand new stunning 9-shade compact palette named “Eden” and a delicious Limited Edition mini Strawberry and Vanilla Body Oil that leaves the skin silky and glowy. It also has a never before seen Lip Glaze in the shade “Cherry” which is a gorgeous lip tint that is perfect to use with bare-faced or glam, 2x finely milled loose highlighter shades in the shades “Sahara” and “Champagne” which leave you with luminous skin and a radiant, natural glow and finally the newly created “Flouramour” candle, an intoxicating blend that burns slowly and fills your room fast. Enjoy the aromas of peach, sweet fig, plum, vanilla and black cherry. A love story waiting to be told with the lighting of the wick

Our hope is that as you use the box, you don’t take for granted this experience and that you allow yourself time and space to indulge in it as a way of self love that isn’t conceited or selfish. So we encourage you to try and love on you a bit more this month.

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